TELE-TOWER® Adjustable Work Platform
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One person can assemble transport, and use the TELE-TOWER® with ease and safety. Two people can comfortably work on the platform simultaneously. Simply turn the winch to adjust platform heights from 2' to 11' (working heights approx. 18 feet).  Every 6" along the ladders are Lock Pin points to secure the platform at the proper height.  Stable 6' base. Static load rating = 550 lbs. Rolls through a 32" x 80" doorways. All steel construction. Shipping weight 450 lbs.  Optional Extension 1177 purchased separately - extends lift to a 17.5' deck height (24 Feet approx. working height). Price includes freight within the 48 contiguous US states.  Made in the USA.

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TELE-TOWER® Adjustable Work Platform

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